Friday, April 20, 2012

What Is Forex

What Is Forex

Forex trading: its all about earning easy money. maybe you did go to exchange office for any reason, for example: you need to change money if you want to go to holiday to foreign countries. onet exchange rate changes day to day. Sometime your money can get higher to other countries money. sometimes your money can get lower.

Forex is about this high-and-low money exchange system. You can earn money with this technique. Buy other countries money when they get lower, sell other countries money when they get higher. Changes can occur sometimes about any kind of economic waves and political changes.
You can make this technique for any country in The World. Because World currencies don`t have a fixed exchange rate. Money currencies anways fluctating depending on countrie`s inner and outer communication and political interaction. For example : if the war begans on Iraq Oil prices goes higher. (you know this war things happens in Asia too much). if Oil prices goes higher the money currencies goes lower on most country, except the countries have oil sources.
look at this example:
1- War begans on Syria
2- Oil prices goes higher
3- Also Canadian dollar goes higher because Canada has Oil refineries
4- Japan yen goes lower because Japan does not have much oil source
5- At this point Buy Japan Yen (You earn)
6- And sell Canada dollar (You earn)

Other informations:
usually 4 money pairs goes importantly :
  • Euro against US dollar,
  • US dollar against Japanese yen,
  • British pound against US dollar,
  • US dollar against Swiss franc
Other important pairs are:  EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF
What Forex compainies do:
You cannot see the changes in currencies so fast. because TV. News is slow. You will need fast news from trustworthy source. And you need a way to change your money priceless. Some exchange office takes extra percent to themself.
Forex companies also gives you opportunity to multiply your money with 20x to 400x. so you can earn more. but be careful you can lost money fast in this forex world.
Foreign exchange market (also called Forex to shorten the name) is the biggest market in the world. currencie market works 24-hours a day. Because world turns and some country goes night and other country goes noon at the same time.


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